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Dettaglio versione
Data Versione*Revisione
26.11.20212.20NuevoChecksum revised
24.11.20212.19NuevoEarlier Cumins checksums outside of the map area reinstalled.
13.10.20212.18Nuevonew Wabco VCM data status.
28.09.20212.17NuevoFurther checksum addresses localized.
07.09.20212.16NuevoRevised Cummins CM2xxx Plugin
30.08.20212.15NuevoCummins CM2xx revised: Checksums now also over the map area!
03.08.20212.14CorrettoWrong detection of Wabco VCM fixed
04.11.20202.13NuevoNew identification for DCU/EAS
01.07.20202.12NuevoIdentification EAS/SCR improved
01.07.20192.10NuevoNew file
23.05.20192.09NuevoDetection of VCM files improved
26.04.20192.08NuevoRecognition of Iveco EAS improved
02.10.20182.07NuevoTest SCR
12.03.20182.06NuevoNew VCM file
23.02.20182.05NuevoTest VCM
12.01.20182.04NuevoAt OBD2 file with length of C000 now the differential checksum will be calculated.
01.12.20172.03NuevoNow also MAN EAS
10.11.20172.02NuevoNew DAF file. MAN does not work yet.