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Dettaglio versione
Data Versione*Revisione
12.01.20212.48NuevoMore DSG identification.
25.08.20202.47NuevoExtended analysis of Continental CPC at size 0x3FC00.
23.07.20202.46NuevoNew Getrag file with length of 178000h
10.07.20202.45CorrettoTest Ford UTCU3 files with length of 400000h
10.07.20202.44NuevoTest Ford UTCU3 files with length of 400000h
03.07.20202.43CorrettoTemic/Siemens: New detection due to another file size.
26.06.20202.42NuevoNew Getrag DCT file
23.06.20202.41CorrettoFixed a bug which the plugin would crash with a certain file size.
29.04.20202.40NuevoCMS identification.
20.04.20202.39NuevoAdded Aisin X1.
03.04.20202.38NuevoAdded Aisin DQ200 MBQ and DL382.
31.03.20202.37NuevoCompletely revised.
06.02.20202.36NuevoInsert Aisin DQ250 MQB EEPROM checksum.
14.11.20192.35NuevoNew CPC file
13.11.20192.34NuevoTest Getrag DCT
13.11.20192.33NuevoDetection of CFF files improved
26.03.20192.32NuevoNew Ford file
30.01.20192.30NuevoNow also file size 39020h at Aisin TCU
20.12.20182.29NuevoTest CPC controller
30.11.20182.28NuevoNow also MB VGS4 CFF files
27.11.20182.27NuevoTest BMW ZF6HP
22.11.20182.26NuevoSiemens VGS NAG2 from CFF Import
24.09.20182.25NuevoNow also DQ250 Cxx with file size of 71000h
20.08.20182.24NuevoUpdate AL/DQ files
14.08.20182.23NuevoNow also AL450
17.07.20182.22NuevoNew Siemens TCU file
08.07.20182.21NuevoDQ500: file size also 178000h
12.06.20182.20NuevoNow also file size of 140000h at AL750
08.03.20182.19NuevoMore AISIN files
06.03.20182.18NuevoNew: Haldex
22.01.20182.17NuevoNew Opel Asin file with length of 39000h
11.06.20172.16NuevoNew Ford file
03.05.20172.15NuevoNew PDK file
28.12.20162.14NuevoNow also processor length of 20.0000h at Porsche PDK
05.10.20162.13NuevoNow also file length 180000h at Siemens PDK
27.09.20162.12NuevoDQ500 now also size of 200000h
20.05.20162.11NuevoDQ500 now also with length of 40000h
17.02.20162.10NuevoNew file Siemens TCU, now also Audi Multitronic
11.11.20152.09NuevoNew file Siemens Powershift
23.10.20152.08NuevoRecognition Siemens improved