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Typical tasks

How can I correct checksums?

Correcting checksums is very easy because this is often done by additional plug-ins. These must be purchased separately but for this they also do all the work needed automatically.

Start the checksum dialog with the menu item "Edit" / "Checksum" (Hotkey F2). Click on "Search". If you own the right checksum module, it will automatically be applied and the checksum will be calculated and (if you want that) always be corrected.

If you do not have the matching module, you can let EVC check your project for free and without any commitments. Click on "Search checksum online". The project will be compressed and uploaded to the EVC server (Internet connection required). A few seconds later you will receive an answer, telling you which checksum module will work for your data.

Important: Some checksum modules require an unmodified original version. That means, that you must have loaded the original data from the car as original version into the WinOLS project. Otherwise it may happen that the checksum is not recognized or not calculated correctly.