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Typical tasks

How can I create a new project?

Choose the menu item "Project" / "New". Depending on your settings either a new empty project will appear or an assistant. This sample describes the procedure without the assistant. Close it if necessary.

Now you have an empty project and you need data (Original data is always best). Either from a file or from an eprom. To import a file you have several possibilities:
  1. You drag the file with "Drag und Drop" into the empty project window.
  2. You import the file with the menu item "Project" / "Ex- & Import" / "Import file" or you activate the import with the keyword shortcut Ctrl+I or the icon "". Choose your file format, click on "Ok" and choose the file.

Now you have imported the original. All versions that you create or import later will automatically be compared with the original and the differences will be marked will colors on the screen. If you want to import a version, just repeat the steps shown above.