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Particolari Checksum OLS820

UtilizzazioneDelphi Tricore
Accesso Erfordert WinOLS
Punti checksum2
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Dettaglio versione
Alle Angaben für WinOLS5. Checksummen für WinOLS4 werden ab dem 31.12.2022 nicht mehr aktualisiert.
Data Versione*Revisione
17.06.20242.48NuevoNew Delphi MT62.1
27.05.20242.47NuevoNew Delphi MT62.1
29.04.20242.46NuevoNew Delphi MTxx.
02.02.20242.45NuevoBETA version Delphi DCM7.xx: This is not a checksum correction, but a patch! We cannot guarantee that it will work with every control device or tool.
12.08.20222.44NuevoChecksums added in data area.
24.05.20222.43NuevoNew MT62.1 file
11.08.20212.42NuevoMT92 improved, MT22 new file
21.07.20212.41NuevoFurther checksum blocks found in MT62.1
18.07.20212.40CorrettoHiLo Notation at Delphi MT62.1
15.07.20212.39CorrettoFixed a bug for DCM that caused the crash.
31.05.20212.38NuevoNew MT22.1 size.
20.04.20212.37CorrettoFixed a bug that caused the crash.
30.03.20212.36CorrettoPossible error fixed
10.03.20212.35NuevoNew file size for Delphi MTxx
08.03.20212.34NuevoDelphi MTxx: new identification
08.01.20212.33NuevoDelphi MTxx: new identification
19.11.20202.32CorrettoBug fixes.
17.11.20202.31NuevoRevised DCM6.2 checksum.
05.11.20202.30NuevoAdd new DCM6 identifikation.
28.04.20202.29NuevoNew Baic file
04.03.20202.28NuevoNew KIA file
22.01.20202.27NuevoNow also HV-240
05.06.20192.26NuevoNow with warning at VAG DCM6.2 because of not calculated RSA checksum
27.03.20192.25NuevoNew MT80 file
15.02.20192.24NuevoDCM6.2 VAG: Additional cs block found
11.02.20192.23NuevoTest MT62.1
26.11.20182.22NuevoNew MT86 file
08.07.20182.20NuevoNew file: Peugeot Jumper
11.01.20182.19NuevoNow also PSA file with length of 100000h
09.11.20172.18NuevoDCM6.2 now also 4MB files
13.05.20172.17NuevoBlock search improved
11.05.20172.16CorrettoOne checksum line was not found at SSangyong
02.02.20172.15NuevoNew DCM6.x file
25.10.20162.14NuevoNew DCM6.x file
30.09.20162.13NuevoNew Ssangyong file
21.04.20152.12NuevoDCM6.1: Now also file size of 140000h
29.03.20152.11CorrettoRecognition modified
18.12.20142.10NuevoNew file
10.08.20142.09NuevoNew file size Luxgen Delphi MT80
20.11.20132.08NuevoNew MT60 file