Particolari Checksum OLS802 - Cliente : non registrati

UtilizzazioneBosch ME7-2006 VAG -> OLS262 V3.0
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Punti checksum3
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Dettaglio versione
Data Versione*Revisione
04.04.20182.33NuevoElement recognition improved
29.09.20172.32CorrettoDouble elements fixed
06.09.20162.31NuevoAt messageBoxes the OLS number is now displayed in the window title
13.02.20152.30NuevoAt Bentley now also file size of E0000h allowed
26.07.20122.29CorrettoME7.5.20 can now be done with present or missing port area
04.01.20122.28CorrettoOne checksum was displayed by fault
20.12.20112.27NuevoNow also Bentley 390230 and 393736
23.08.20112.26NuevoNew file ME7.5.20
15.07.20112.25NuevoNew file Audi TT
12.07.20112.24CorrettoCompiler error
07.05.20112.22NuevoNew Bentley file
16.12.20102.21NuevoNew Bentley file
05.10.20102.20NuevoNow also Bentley processor file with not excluded port area
15.09.20102.19NuevoNew file
18.05.20102.18NuevoNow also ME7.5.20 with length of E0000h
17.11.20092.17CorrettoInfluence on other checksums fixed
21.10.20092.16NuevoNew Bentley file
08.10.20092.15NuevoAutomatic element recognition
14.08.20092.14NuevoNew Bentley file
23.09.20082.13CorrettoRecognition modified
22.09.20082.12CorrettoRecognition modified
02.09.20082.11CorrettoRecognition modified
01.09.20082.10NuevoNow also ME7.1.1-2008 Example Bentley 2008. The WinOLS project must contain processor and eprom.
26.03.20082.09NuevoReadout protection for ME7.5.20 installed
12.03.20082.08NuevoChecksum interface updated
24.10.20072.07NuevoNew file 383573
04.10.20072.06NuevoNow also VW Gol with ME7.5.20
07.09.20072.05NuevoTest ME7.5.20
12.02.20072.04CorrettoSlows down the WinOLS startup
07.11.20062.03CorrettoCurious behaviour at changes
29.08.20062.02CorrettoError at initialisation
28.08.20062.01NuevoModified to CAdrCnv