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Dettaglio versione
Data Versione*Revisione
27.05.20214.095CorrettoSize of bit maps could be wrong
26.02.20214.094Corretto2 problems which could lead to the wrong sign in an axis
30.07.20204.093CorrettoFixed problems with 2d maps from some .dam Dateien
11.05.20204.092CorrettoImproved import for array blocks
26.03.20204.091CorrettoEndian sometimes wrong
25.03.20204.090CorrettoError for 1d-KF with interleaved axis
25.03.20204.090CorrettoMaps werent always sorted
15.11.20194.089CorrettoAn incorrect comment in A2L file could cause Importer to hang.
30.10.20194.088NuevoSupport for CUBOID will be imported as multiple maps
23.10.20194.087NuevoFaster for files with a lot of folders
15.10.20194.086NuevoSearch-line accepts OR conditions: AB,XY
15.10.20194.086NuevoDrag+Drop of text file into last wizard page searches for all lines of the file
07.10.20194.085CorrettoSome 1d maps had a slightly off map address
02.10.20194.084Corretto1d-map with interleaved axis/map data were imported wrong
10.09.20194.083CorrettoSome maps could not be imported
04.09.20194.082CorrettoOffset Preview was sometimes not updated
19.08.20194.081CorrettoWrong endian for some files
18.07.20194.080CorrettoWorkaround: Out-of-memory problems with some files
16.07.20194.079CorrettoProblem with some 1d maps
11.06.20194.078NuevoValues can be displayed as texts
01.04.20194.077NuevoIMPORTANT CHANGE: Changed signs for the manual offset entering
01.04.20194.077NuevoImproved: Offset-Detection
26.03.20194.076NuevoMessageBox for not-mapped-maps is now much bigger
21.03.20194.075CorrettoDisplay problems in the list
18.03.20194.074CorrettoRedraw error in map mini-pic
13.03.20194.073NuevoElement-Addresses in Offset ComboBox
13.03.20194.073NuevoKennfeld-Preview-Images in the list
27.02.20194.072NuevoOffset entry revised
25.01.20194.071CorrettoFormula interpretation improved
21.01.20194.070Factor/offset could sometimes be wrong
21.01.20194.069CorrettoProblems with pre-offset in reciprocal formulas
07.12.20184.068NuevoAnother data variation is now understood
20.11.20184.067NuevoOffset detection improved
19.09.20184.066CorrettoMisdetection of single value as bitmask
19.09.20184.065CorrettoMisdetection of single value as bitmask
07.09.20184.064CorrettoGroups werent recognized in special case
13.08.20184.063CorrettoBit-Values could have a wrong axis
18.06.20184.062CorrettoSome formulas were not imported correctly
16.05.20184.061CorrettoSome 2d maps were imported from Damos with wrong axis
03.05.20184.060CorrettoWORD axes with index didnt work