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UtilizzazioneDelphi - Ford
Accesso Solo clienti on-line
Punti checksum2
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Dettaglio versione
Data Versione*Revisione
05.09.20172.14NuevoNow also Delphi Jaguar files with size of F0000h without elements can be processed
04.02.20092.13CorrettoProblem at expansion fixed
12.03.20082.12NuevoChecksum interface updated
23.08.20072.11CorrettoBug fixed in Delphi-Korea
22.08.20072.10CorrettoRecognition improved at new Mondeo ECUs
16.08.20072.09CorrettoEprom was not recognized in Jaguar ECUs
08.07.20072.08NuevoNow also new Mondeo files
29.12.20062.07NuevoDelphi Korea: Now also serial files with length FFF0
15.11.20062.06NuevoNew file Jaguar 2.0D
14.11.20062.05CorrettoCrash at loading under Win2000
26.10.20062.04NuevoNow also Ford Transit
11.05.20062.03CorrettoOnline CS test improved
12.01.20062.02NuevoNew placement of the BDM readout protection
12.12.20052.01CorrettoFixed: Wrong recognition of Citroen C3 HDI
08.12.20052.00NuevoNew registration
06.12.20051.14NuevoNew file Ssany Yong
30.08.20051.13CorrettoProblem with recognition of elements fixed
25.08.20051.12CorrettoProblem with sync blocks fixed
02.08.20051.11CorrettoProblem with sync blocks fixed
13.05.20051.10NuevoNow also Ford Tourneo Tdci
30.03.20051.9NuevoNow expansion of Ford WDS files