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Particolari Checksum OLS220

UtilizzazioneBosch TDI
Accesso Erfordert WinOLS
Punti checksum2
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Dettaglio versione
Alle Angaben für WinOLS5. Checksummen für WinOLS4 werden ab dem 31.12.2022 nicht mehr aktualisiert.
Data Versione*Revisione
03.10.20233.07NuevoTDI3.1: Now also files with length of 40000h, which contain only the map area
05.05.20213.06NuevoBosch TDI V4.1 - Identification expanded.
05.03.20203.05CorrettoBugfix BOSCH TDI V3.1
07.02.20203.04NuevoRevision of the BMW CR2 checksum.
05.02.20203.03CorrettoFixed checksum search bug.
24.07.20193.02CorrettoError at block end search fixed
17.07.20193.01NuevoImproved information, if no checksum correction is necessary
06.05.20193.00NuevoReworked completely. Contains now OLS220, OLS224, OLS228, OLS229, OLS233, OLS234, OLS235, OLS239, OLS240, OLS254, OLS264, OLS268
08.01.20182.07NuevoElement support implemented: Project may have further elements than Eprom
06.06.20162.06NuevoInternal improvements
02.08.20132.05NuevoNow sync blocks can be disabled
12.03.20082.04NuevoChecksum interface updated
17.11.20062.03CorrettoPossible crash at defect projects
22.02.20062.02CorrettoProblem at patch tag blocks fixed
30.12.20052.01NuevoNew placement of the SPI identification
08.12.20052.00NuevoNew registration
29.08.20051.15CorrettoProblem with sync blocks fixed
09.12.20031.14CorrettoIdentification: Nissan Patrol has no CS