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Particolari Checksum OLS1001

UtilizzazioneVadis VBF Import/Export
CommentoAllows the import, modification and export of Vadis/VBF file 
Accesso Erfordert WinOLS
Punti checksum2
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Dettaglio versione
Alle Angaben für WinOLS5. Checksummen für WinOLS4 werden ab dem 31.12.2022 nicht mehr aktualisiert.
Data Versione*Revisione
28.11.20221.037NuevoImport improved for some Denso files
14.02.20221.036CorrettoAddress of empty area in special case corrected
11.02.20221.035CorrettoFillbyte default value could be wrong
05.05.20211.034CorrettoFile format checksum wasnt calculated correctly for some files
02.03.20211.033NuevoElement-detection improved for large projects
17.11.20201.032NuevoImproved element layout for 16MB files
06.04.20201.031CorrettoError in the element layout for some files
09.12.20191.030CorrettoSome files could not be imported
18.06.20191.029NuevoAnother file variation supported
04.06.20191.028CorrettoElement assignment improved
27.12.20181.027CorrettoPossible error in element order could lead to overlapping elements
14.12.20181.026NuevoAddresses for Tricore improved and elements reduced
15.08.20181.025NuevoAddress/Element corrections for more file variations
07.08.20181.024NuevoAnother format variation supported
19.03.20181.023CorrettoWrong element name when more that 50 elements
06.12.20171.022CorrettoChecksum was sometimes wrong
09.11.20171.021NuevoSupport for MD1/MG1 files
29.09.20171.020NuevoImproved compatibility: Compressed files are now recompressed on export. If they were imported with this version.
12.09.20171.019CorrettoUses the old memory layout for some Denso files
08.09.20171.018NuevoMemory-Layout improved for Denso files
07.09.20171.017NuevoAnother format variation can be imported
07.07.20171.016NuevoNew internal file version supported
16.06.20171.015CorrettoError during element detection
27.02.20171.014NuevoNew internal filetype supported
25.08.20161.013NuevoCalculation of additional checksum which is present in some files
12.01.20161.012CorrettoPossible crash when exporting
06.01.20161.011NuevoInternal improvements
03.07.20141.010CorrettoImproved Simens file import regarding checksums
14.05.20141.009CorrettoProblems with files with overlapping elements.
02.04.20131.008CorrettoPossible crash for VBF files with overlapping elements.
21.09.20121.007NuevoImport improved
08.03.20121.006CorrettoFixed crash on import
01.09.20111.005CorrettoImproved element assignment at SID803
20.06.20111.003NuevoFilling of gaps with 00 at SID807
10.12.20081.002NuevoElement conversion improved
04.12.20081.001CorrettoProblem at SID803