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Version Date Access
WinOLS demo version 3.06 16.5.2013 free
Manual WinOLS 3.03 16.10.2013 free
User manual BDM100 15.0  14.01.2013 free
Manual BDM100 for trucks 1.7 18.01.2011 registered customers only
Manual OLS300   16.12.2002 free
Instructions for resellers function   18.11.2011 free

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Errors / Changed Items:
* Changed Items Version Date
NewImproved CMD file import3.1209.04.2014
FixedF11 caused very similar, but not identical values for float3.1209.04.2014
FixedTransfer changes didnt work for float3.1209.04.2014
NewMap properties copy+apply: Now also for view mode3.1127.03.2014
NewUpdated Modelle.txt3.1127.03.2014
NewRecent-Selection: Path and filename in status bar3.1127.03.2014
FixedF11 didnt always work in combination with reference version and axis data3.1127.03.2014
FixedProblem with InplaceEdit in German version3.1127.03.2014
FixedChecksum online search didnt work any more3.1127.03.2014
FixedMap properties copy+apply: Didnt work properly3.1127.03.2014
FixedShift+N triggered connecting3.1127.03.2014
NewImproved recognition for project properties3.1019.03.2014
NewHotkey for new, empty map3.1019.03.2014
NewNo swap detection for VBF files3.1019.03.2014
NewConnect 2 windows by holding shift an click on another hexdump window3.1019.03.2014
NewImproved swap detection3.1019.03.2014
NewItalian translation updated3.1019.03.2014
NewImportingASmallerArea: Auto-suggest offset if difference <2%3.1019.03.2014
NewImportingASmallerArea: Offset can be entered as relative to an element3.1019.03.2014
NewImportingASmallerArea: Warns you if the element already exists3.1019.03.2014
FixedCursor above --- could reset selection3.1019.03.2014
FixedException in installer3.1019.03.2014
FixedCopying and pasting multiple maps could cause a wrong offset3.1019.03.2014
FixedProblems when closing preview dialog with the X button3.1019.03.2014
FixedClosing WinOLS or changing session didnt trigger the new-version question3.1019.03.2014
FixedPotential problem in update function3.0912.02.2014
FixedBDM displayed processor erroneously as locked3.0811.02.2014
NewAutomatic file: %ECU.Usage% renamed into in %ECU.Element%3.0704.02.2014
NewEcuX: Versions and script support (details:
NewRecognition of project properties improved3.0704.02.2014
NewHex-Export: For all-elements now not the raw array, but the elements are exported3.0704.02.2014
NewMap search: Improved: pot. maps could overlap the axis data of other maps3.0704.02.2014
NewMap search: Improved: Denso map recognition3.0704.02.2014
NewMap search: Improved: Delphi maps with offset 0x80003.0704.02.2014
NewConnect bar: Allow search buttons even when search checkbox is unchecked3.0704.02.2014
NewMappack-export is now allowed when hexdump is not in the foreground3.0704.02.2014
NewScripts: IdName is now supported for axis data3.0704.02.2014
NewScripts: SkipBytes is now supported for map data3.0704.02.2014
NewHotapply for color selection in comments3.0704.02.2014
NewY-Axis: Precision 0 looked different from ""3.0704.02.2014
FixedHex-Export: Error at Format like import3.0704.02.2014
FixedEmission std was missing in ini files3.0704.02.2014
FixedCrash during import3.0704.02.2014
FixedCrash in project properties dialog when importing folders3.0704.02.2014
FixedWrong error message when >2 files were imported with drag+drop3.0704.02.2014
FixedSimulator: Repaint bug in the y axis3.0704.02.2014
FixedTransferSelectedMaps skipped maps with smaller bit width that were located between in the cells3.0704.02.2014
FixedIf a reseller upload failed on the first try, the 2 following uploads skipped the project type3.0704.02.2014 now also contains map contents3.0621.11.2013
NewRanges can be removed when resizing projects3.0621.11.2013
NewGoTo: Switches to the right element, if necessary3.0621.11.2013
NewSearchDialog: Range edit boxes are now large enough for 8 characters3.0621.11.2013
FixedCrash in overview/map search thread3.0621.11.2013
FixedCopy as text was always enabled3.0621.11.2013
Fixed3d view ignored skip bytes for map contents3.0621.11.2013
FixedTransferring values relative was based on the wrong (reference) original3.0621.11.2013
NewNow faster: 3d view3.0514.11.2013
NewNow faster: Transfer maps in selection to connected projects3.0514.11.2013
NewEmpty-project-window: Link at the bottom to turn off always-one-project-open3.0514.11.2013
NewModelle.txt Updated3.0514.11.2013
NewOpenProject: New tab Already bought (only for reseller folders)3.0514.11.2013
NewOpenProject: Reseller: Projects that were already bought are marked in color3.0514.11.2013
NewSiemens map search improved3.0514.11.2013
NewUpdate projects: Option to delete version descriptions3.0514.11.2013
NewUpdate projects: No more flickering of the map list3.0514.11.2013
FixedCrash on function f(x) for Russian version3.0514.11.2013
FixedCrash when closing3.0514.11.2013
FixedA 3d-selection could reach into the axis area (and modify them)3.0514.11.2013
FixedFilling axis data with own values was swapping hi and lo3.0514.11.2013
FixedEnglish version: Values for right side in the configuration dialog were not translated3.0514.11.2013
FixedError message when an empty project was open before restart3.0514.11.2013
FixedMap properties: Field Unit couldnt store many letter, RPM couldnt be entered in uppercase3.0514.11.2013
FixedLua-MessageBox didnt work properly3.0514.11.2013
FixedToolbars were shown in two lines after Toolbar reset despite big screen resolution3.0514.11.2013
FixedWhen closing a tabed window with the X-button, it couldnt be re-opened properly3.0514.11.2013
NewSupport IDs for maps axis3.0417.10.2013
NewIndexed axis: Calcucate and show (grey) interpolated data3.0417.10.2013
NewProject properties: For some fields suggest texts from the project3.0417.10.2013
NewGoTo: Remember the state of the checkbox3.0417.10.2013
NewImport chances: New option Dont import differences, but original values3.0417.10.2013
FixedSeveral smaller bugfixes3.0417.10.2013
FixedSeveral smaller bugfixes3.0330.09.2013
FixedSeveral smaller bugfixes3.0217.09.2013
FixedSeveral smaller bugfixes3.0112.09.2013
NewNicer IDE; Docking user interface3.0009.09.2013
NewSession administration (button in map sidebar)3.0009.09.2013
NewEcuX file format (
NewCopy map properties and apply them later (Edit > Copy advanced)3.0009.09.2013
NewScrollbar: Markers for differences, search results, comments3.0009.09.2013
New3d mode: Option to show only version (without color delta)3.0009.09.2013
NewAuto comments for import+reading improved3.0009.09.2013
NewBatronix programmer: Now also for encrypted eproms3.0009.09.2013
NewWindow menu: Shortcuts for cascade, tile, ...3.0009.09.2013
NewFloat: Automatically switch to decimal system3.0009.09.2013
NewMap sidebar: Edit directly in list (can be turned of the in map sidebar menu)3.0009.09.2013
NewMap sidebar: The normal tree hotkeys are now support (cursor left+right)3.0009.09.2013
NewMap sidebar: Search + replace3.0009.09.2013
NewConnect: Auto-search can be turned off3.0009.09.2013
NewConnect: Start by drag+drop in map list: One project onto another3.0009.09.2013
NewNew BSL driver3.0009.09.2013

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