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File Version Date Access
WinOLS demo version 3.24 6.11.2014 free
Manual WinOLS 3.03 16.10.2013 free
User manual BDM100 15.0  14.01.2013 free
Manual BDM100 for trucks 1.7 18.01.2011 registered customers only
New: Short User Manual BSL100/BSL-ADP (english) ) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.3 13.03.2015 free
Manual OLS300   16.12.2002 free
Instructions for resellers function   18.11.2011 free

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Errors / Changed Items:
* Changed Items Version Date
NewFile format updated, older WinOLS version will not be able to read these3.3217.03.2015
NewConnect: Also bring map windows into the foreground, when fitting3.3217.03.2015
New%Engine.Output..%: Empty instead 0.0; 100PS instead 100.03.3217.03.2015
NewDouble click for map properties can now be turned off (Configuration > Edit)3.3217.03.2015
NewImprovements for selections3.3217.03.2015
FixedImport similar projects: Init slow, when many projects3.3217.03.2015
FixedImport similar projects: Error on some systems3.3217.03.2015
FixedProject type could be changed by user patch tag3.3217.03.2015
Fixed3d-Drag-Edit worked only for Delta>=13.3217.03.2015
FixedCrash when closing WinOLS3.3217.03.2015
FixedCrash when using an invalid import offset3.3217.03.2015
FixedReconfiguring the current clients path didnt have an immediate effect3.3217.03.2015
FixedAxis data sometime wasnt show, just no value3.3217.03.2015
NewAttention: Because of internal changes the update requires you to re-register WinOLS3.3127.02.2015
NewCopy map advanced: Now also for data source3.3127.02.2015
NewConnect: Buttons for next / previous search result3.3127.02.2015
NewMultiple axis values can now be edited at once3.3127.02.2015
NewBSL: Password export option3.3127.02.2015
NewBSL: ADP now supported3.3127.02.2015
NewPrjProperties: Search results can now always be displayed3.3127.02.2015
FixedCrash on exit3.3127.02.2015
FixedCrash when adding a linked file3.3127.02.2015
FixedCorrupt files werent always moved3.3127.02.2015
FixedIncorrect recongnition of address line error3.3127.02.2015
FixedFunction Original didnt work for negativ axis values3.3127.02.2015
FixedHotkey Ctrl+Shift+M didnt work any more3.3127.02.2015
FixedCreating a new project could get really slow if there were many projects in the target folder3.3127.02.2015
FixedDownload of some reseller projects didnt work. Files were corrupt. Please download again.3.3009.02.2015
FixedBSL read: Entering the password manually didnt work properly3.3009.02.2015
FixedOpenProject All clients didnt always appear in the menu3.2905.02.2015
FixedCrash during update if the connection failed3.2905.02.2015
FixedCrash for really huge offset3.2905.02.2015
FixedCreating scripts for ranges didnt work properly if the hexdump wasnt switched to byte3.2905.02.2015
FixedRead BSL: Only EEprom option didnt work properly3.2905.02.2015
FixedProblem with unregistered drivers3.2905.02.2015
NewExport as HiLo or Zip: For the second file the same folder is now suggested as for the first selected3.2830.01.2015
NewLogfile limited to 5MB3.2830.01.2015
FixedRotating the preview didnt work3.2830.01.2015
FixedCopy / apply map properties didnt mark the project as modified3.2830.01.2015
FixedDistortion error in text mode3.2830.01.2015
FixedSpecial columns in the project dialog (e.g. for similar projects) were too large3.2830.01.2015
NewHotkey for the usual 2 selection modes3.2727.01.2015
NewFaster: Copy map properties and apply and very many other maps3.2727.01.2015
NewInternal changes: When updating from 3.25 or older WinOLS needs to be re-registered3.2728.01.2015
FixedProblems with distorted text display3.2727.01.2015
FixedUpdateProjects: Progress bar didnt work3.2727.01.2015
FixedEEprom Checkbox didnt work properly when programming BSL3.2727.01.2015
FixedBSL programming didnt work properly with previously stored password3.2727.01.2015
FixedProblems with driver conflicts fixed3.2727.01.2015
NewMap axis profiles: Checkbox status is saved3.2622.01.2015
NewCopy map properties: Renamed into Copy map (advanced) and can now copy the contents, too3.2622.01.2015
NewRightclick in axis: Offer options to copy the axis3.2622.01.2015
NewNew Menu items: Close all project with save / Close all project without save3.2622.01.2015
NewUpdated BSL dialogs3.2622.01.2015
NewImproved recognition of project properties3.2622.01.2015
NewProjekt properties are shown after EcuX import3.2622.01.2015
FixedCrash when importing a s19 file3.2622.01.2015
FixedCrash on invalid map data3.2622.01.2015
FixedCrash when an undo closed the current window3.2622.01.2015
FixedElement definition: Entering an offset with . in a number caused problems3.2622.01.2015
FixedError on radio buttons for checksum properties3.2622.01.2015
FixedImportSimilar didnt recognize new projects since the recent algorithm update3.2622.01.2015
FixedCopy maps and insert into another project => Always at address 03.2622.01.2015
FixedMenu item C in the context menu of the y axis was always disabled3.2622.01.2015
FixedRight click in the map side while the right click menu was already open cause a system popup3.2622.01.2015
FixedAnother improvement of the similar-projects-search (requires updating all projects again)3.2511.11.2014
FixedSimilar projects: Problems with new method corrected, projects must be updated3.2406.11.2014
FixedDamos/A2L import didnt work via project menu3.2406.11.2014
FixedColumns could remain in the map window3.2406.11.2014
NewSimilar projects: Improved and now also for elements (requires updating all projects once)3.2303.11.2014
NewImproved: Project properties > Element dialog3.2303.11.2014
NewImproved: Project properties > Map language (now a real dialog)3.2303.11.2014
NewImproved: Error information for internet access diagnosis3.2303.11.2014
NewNow faster: Project property search3.2303.11.2014
NewAutomatic creation of elements during the checksum search3.2303.11.2014
FixedCrash after importing/exporting map axis profile3.2303.11.2014
FixedChecksum reacted differently for empty element ids for empty-elements in project3.2303.11.2014
FixedMap axis: Automatic filling in for free edit numbers didnt work any more3.2303.11.2014
NewBSL passwords: pw-file can now be dragged directly into the BSL info dialog (accessible from the project properties)3.2209.10.2014
NewUndo: Now also for maps, map folders, project properties and comments3.2209.10.2014
NewUndo: Dialog Edit > Undo more improved3.2209.10.2014
Newtext data in axis (Accessible via the axis properties)3.2209.10.2014
NewAuto-recognition of partially coded projects3.2209.10.2014
NewDeleting comments can now be applied on a selection3.2209.10.2014
NewSessions: Ctrl+Click: Copy current content into another session3.2209.10.2014
NewSessions: Ctrl+Shift+Click: Swap the current content with another session3.2209.10.2014
NewWindows 10: Improved compatibility3.2209.10.2014
FixedDrag+Drop from file dialog into/over the WinOLS window caused crash3.2209.10.2014

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