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File Version Date Access
WinOLS demo version 3.68 6.9.2016 free
Manual WinOLS 3.76 16.10.2013 free
User manual BDM100 15.0  14.01.2013 free
Manual BDM100 for trucks 1.7 18.01.2011 registered customers only
New: Short User Manual BSL100/BSL-ADP (english) ) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.3 13.03.2015 free
Manual OLS300   16.12.2002 free
Instructions for resellers function   18.1.2017 free

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Errors / Changed Items:
* Changed Items Version Date
NewChecksum status is stored shoerter: NOCS, CS-, CS+, n/a3.7612.01.2017
NewLUA: Now Build can read read/set3.7612.01.2017
NewNext map: Not copying the column size for 1x1 maps3.7612.01.2017
NewDialog CreateVersion: Show project titel like the user configured it3.7612.01.2017
NewOpenPrj: Button previous reseller (can be turned off by right-click)3.7612.01.2017
NewMap sidebar: Search for folder names (New option: show content)3.7612.01.2017
NewMap sidebar: When deleting the search, keep the current selection3.7612.01.2017
NewMap sidebar: Off-button turns search off3.7612.01.2017
NewMap sidebar: Search now also for units3.7612.01.2017
NewConfig files more stable and with automatic fallback to previous version3.7612.01.2017
NewConnect/Reference version: For version name show name first, then the path3.7612.01.2017
NewPrjProperties: Detection improved3.7612.01.2017
FixedSearchBytes: Useless results when from-address didnt match current bit width3.7612.01.2017
FixedImportWiz: Smaller Element: Element name wasnt used3.7612.01.2017
FixedImportWiz: Smaller Element: Element name wasnt deduced from filename3.7612.01.2017
FixedVersion import could delete shadow data3.7612.01.2017
NewFaster: Loading of large project lists3.7502.01.2017
NewImportWiz: File page: Tooltip for bookmark-tooltip3.7502.01.2017
NewImportWiz: ImportSimilar: Reseller-Support3.7502.01.2017
NewKennfeldKopierenErweitert: Optionaler Offset3.7502.01.2017
NewImportDirectory: plugin-imports support3.7502.01.2017
NewIf a crash occurs: Projects are saved automatically under new file name (if possible)3.7502.01.2017
NewPrjOpen: Columns > Default => Special default values for resellers3.7502.01.2017
NewPrjOpen: Wider default values for columns3.7502.01.2017
NewPrjOpen: UpdateProjects can be called directly on copy/move3.7502.01.2017
NewSolutions-dialog: Scrollbar for description field3.7502.01.2017
NewImproved: Recognition of Denso maps3.7502.01.2017
NewImproved: Recognition of Visteon maps3.7502.01.2017
NewReworked: AboutWinOLS-Dialog3.7502.01.2017
FixedCrash on hotkey . on preview window without open project3.7502.01.2017
FixedWidth of map sidebar changed when toolbar locking was enforced3.7502.01.2017
FixedImportWiz: Wrong version name suggestions for the import of a single version from a compressed file3.7502.01.2017
FixedInplace-Edit in version list didnt work any more3.7502.01.2017
FixedLua: Detail problems on projectImport3.7502.01.2017
FixedLua: Slow import of ols files3.7502.01.2017
FixedLua: Possible crash on projectFindBytes3.7502.01.2017
FixedPrjOpen: Version sidebar wasnt updated after deleting the current project3.7502.01.2017
FixedVersion import from e-mail attachment => Name contained OLE text3.7502.01.2017
FixedVersion import Finish immediately => Version name was empty3.7502.01.2017
FixedChanging Hi/Lo in a map with xs=ys didnt update the minitiature picture3.7502.01.2017
FixedPossible error when opening the Solutions3.7417.11.2016
NewImportWiz: Dialog MultiFiles redone3.7315.11.2016
NewImportWiz: VersionImport: Namen suggestion derived from filename3.7315.11.2016
NewSaveAsNewVersion confirmation: Use configurable project title as in map list3.7315.11.2016
NewEditAsText: New Hyperlink: ..version3.7315.11.2016
NewHotkey Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P to goggle PotMap display in hexdump3.7315.11.2016
NewIdName now also in map tooltip3.7315.11.2016
NewInterpolate-function now isnt disabled any more on incorrect selection3.7315.11.2016
NewUpdated Italian translation3.7315.11.2016
NewDeleting maps can now be canceled at folder confirmation3.7315.11.2016
NewLua: new parameters for projectSetProperty3.7315.11.2016
NewDialog MassImport redone3.7315.11.2016
NewAfter A2L the translation is now automatically offered (requires OLS540+OLS521)3.7315.11.2016
NewOpen project: Show also attached/linked files in the list3.7315.11.2016
NewOpen project: Display error infos in status bar, if necessary3.7315.11.2016
NewSelectConnectedWindow: Show software version in tree3.7315.11.2016
NewImproved: Recognition of Denso projects3.7315.11.2016
NewImportWiz: FileBrowser: Now understands: *.bin3.7315.11.2016
NewImportWiz: FileBrowser: Now understands: C:3.7315.11.2016
FixedDeleting 30000 maps was slow3.7315.11.2016
FixedCrash when deleting lots of maps3.7315.11.2016
FixedCrash when exiting WinOLS immediately after importing a file into the reseller-upload-folder3.7315.11.2016
FixedWhen copying text into the clipboard, German Umlauts were wrong if another program was in the foreground before the copy-process was finished3.7315.11.2016
FixedCorrecting checksums with LUA didnt work properly3.7315.11.2016
FixedDetails error in ols script execution3.7315.11.2016
FixedPasting text in axis with factor/offset didnt work properly3.7315.11.2016
FixedHighDPI: Bsl-ComboBox didnt work properly3.7315.11.2016
FixedPossible crash when changing the view mode while a rectangular selection existed3.7315.11.2016
FixedSearch range was sometimes ingored3.7315.11.2016
FixedUndo didnt work after pasting text into the axis3.7315.11.2016
FixedWhen importing only 2/4 files in a zip file, only the original was imported3.7315.11.2016
Fixedftdi-installation wasnt run3.7315.11.2016
FixedImportWiz: Importing smaller file onto another element: %-bytes-difference was calculate incorrectly3.7315.11.2016
FixedDetail improvements for attached files3.7219.10.2016
Important!File format changed3.7119.10.2016
NewWhen creating a new version, the existing name is presented as base3.7119.10.2016
NewDialog Transfer data designed3.7119.10.2016
NewExternal files (e.g. images) can now be stored in the project (instead of linked) (BETA)3.7119.10.2016
NewHotkey: Hexdump-Properties: Cursor starts now at the number of columns, so you can easily change that with Alt+Enter3.7119.10.2016
NewHotkey: Map list: Enter to open/show map3.7119.10.2016
NewHotkey: for activating hexdump view (Ctrl+Alt+H)3.7119.10.2016
NewHotkey: for import/export kp3.7119.10.2016
NewConfiguration: New color open opened map in list3.7119.10.2016
NewProject-properties: Click on area boxes: Copy now also supported from recently openend projects3.7119.10.2016
NewProject-properties: Search improved3.7119.10.2016
NewMap axis profiles: Upper list is now sortable3.7119.10.2016
NewImproved UI on displays with very high resolutions3.7119.10.2016
FixedEnglish version of the dialog Project comment couldnt be resized3.7119.10.2016
FixedFunction Dynamic values range was very slow when there were many 1d maps3.7119.10.2016
FixedImportWiz: Client-ComboBox appeared despite having no client3.7119.10.2016
FixedImportWiz: Import/DblClick in LibrariesDocuments wasnt possible3.7119.10.2016
FixedMap list: Cursor was slow when >100K maps and cursor on map3.7119.10.2016
FixedMap list: Moving cursor with up/down key over pot. map caused list to loose the focus3.7119.10.2016
FixedLUA SetAt didnt work with addresses >0x8000.00003.7119.10.2016
FixedWhen the same hexdump was openend in multiple versions, then switching one of the windows to a different view mode, cause a position loss in other windows3.7119.10.2016
FixedProgress bar while loading/saving deactivated for security reasons3.7028.09.2016
New2d: Right-click on right scale Scroll to 03.6927.09.2016
NewExportDialog: Warning if Patch is desired, but Patch-Tag-Block missing3.6927.09.2016
NewMap list: New menu item Set values3.6927.09.2016
NewSync with map list: Hexdump isnt selected any more in list3.6927.09.2016

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