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File Version Date Access
WinOLS demo version 3.46 27.11.2015 free
Manual WinOLS 3.03 16.10.2013 free
User manual BDM100 15.0  14.01.2013 free
Manual BDM100 for trucks 1.7 18.01.2011 registered customers only
New: Short User Manual BSL100/BSL-ADP (english) ) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.3 13.03.2015 free
Manual OLS300   16.12.2002 free
Instructions for resellers function   18.11.2011 free

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Errors / Changed Items:
* Changed Items Version Date
FixedSearch window: Click in list wasnt processed properly3.4728.11.2015
NewMap list: When using the search function, the typed characters are now shown at the bottom3.4627.11.2015
NewUpdated Italian translation3.4627.11.2015
NewFaster: Motorola Hex Import3.4627.11.2015
NewFaster: Search window3.4627.11.2015
NewImproved: Swap detection3.4627.11.2015
FixedFor non de/en version the position/size of the overview window wasnt saved3.4627.11.2015
FixedSometimes wrong cursor position / hexdump window appeared on project change when real time search was used3.4627.11.2015
FixedWhen selecting 3 cells in a row, map creation was impossible3.4627.11.2015
FixedSome pot. maps didnt have names3.4627.11.2015
FixedProblem during export regarding StartAddr3.4627.11.2015
FixedFunction next / previous change didnt update preview3.4627.11.2015
FixedSometimes wrong cursor position when clicking into a 3d map3.4627.11.2015
FixedPossible error during Intel-hex-import for addresses >0x1000003.4627.11.2015
FixedPreview from single values with sign showed ) after the value3.4627.11.2015
FixedPreview wasnt always updated on cursor movements3.4627.11.2015
FixedOpen project: Wrong search results after changing the client3.4627.11.2015
FixedVersion list > All versions > Version name could wrongly start with 3.4627.11.2015
FixedExport without CS correction wasnt possible anymore3.4518.11.2015
FixedCrash while creating a new project with new filename dialog3.4518.11.2015
FixedNo CS correction during export via NewGenius3.4518.11.2015
NewDenso: 1d map recognition3.4405.11.2015
NewScript dialog: Window can now be resized3.4405.11.2015
NewImproved: Detection project properties3.4405.11.2015
NewImproved: Swap recognition3.4405.11.2015
NewMap properties: Field Unit: User-defined files can now be selected3.4416.11.2015
NewConnecting: New button next to the reference-version-buttons to pause the reference3.4416.11.2015
NewSearch dialog: Result list can be copied with Ctrl+C3.4416.11.2015
FixedIntegrity-check-error message after update3.4405.11.2015
FixedButton problems in dialog map language3.4405.11.2015
FixedInterpolate didnt work for 2d invers3.4405.11.2015
FixedViewing map without axis, but with line skip bytes in hexdump => Skipped bytes were marked3.4405.11.2015
FixedCopyAdvanced and apply => Auto-folder filter (by name) wasnt applied3.4405.11.2015
FixedCopyAdvanced and apply => Map list wasnt updated (e.g. for name)3.4405.11.2015
FixedPossible crash while translating with OLS5403.4405.11.2015
FixedPreview dialog could push background WinOLS into the foreground3.4405.11.2015
FixedOnly not-de/en version: Right-clicking an axis could show and empty list of custom data3.4405.11.2015
FixedOnly not-de/en version: OpenProject didnt store the window position3.4405.11.2015
FixedDenso-vertical-map as 2d-invers: Selecting didnt work3.4416.11.2015
FixedImporting a rar file by clicking into an empty project window: Clicking in the selection dialog could trigger links from the background window3.4416.11.2015
FixedInterpolation didnt work simple, consecutive selections3.4416.11.2015
FixedMap sidebar: ComboBox history could contain default text3.4416.11.2015
FixedMap sidebar: Search wasnt updated by changes to the search-applies-to-all-projects-option3.4416.11.2015
FixedClicking a not-ROM axis could select cells outside the map3.4416.11.2015
FixedManual patch-tag-block with only user tag wasnt always automatically applied3.4416.11.2015
FixedScripts: Applying: Difference dialog didnt update3.4416.11.2015
FixedScripts: Reciprocal maps were not transferred correctly3.4416.11.2015
FixedSingle-EEPROM-element was changed to EPROM by the search for project properties3.4416.11.2015
FixedSeach dialog: Error when applying a map search results to a different project3.4416.11.2015
FixedSeach dialog: Realtime-search wasnt updated when changing a project3.4416.11.2015
NewBSL: New password-option: SDI6 (Porsche)3.4329.10.2015
NewNew text module for 8BitSumme of the *original*3.4329.10.2015
NewProject properties: Near path, theres a new button to move/copy the file to a different client3.4329.10.2015
NewFaster: EditAsText3.4329.10.2015
NewImproved: Denso map recognition3.4329.10.2015
Fixed3d: Height colors didnt work any more3.4329.10.2015
FixedWhen importing hex files, the map window was set too small3.4329.10.2015
FixedSize of the hexdump windows wasnt saved3.4329.10.2015
FixedInterpolate didnt work for negative numbers3.4329.10.2015
FixedOpenProject: Problems with progress display3.4329.10.2015
FixedDialog select version didnt have maximize button3.4329.10.2015
Fixed2 detail problems that could happpen when using sync config with server3.4329.10.2015
FixedCrash during reseller upload on large files3.4329.10.2015
Important!Changes ols file format3.4221.10.2015
NewPolish translation3.4221.10.2015
NewNew map type: Denso vertical (with skip bytes)3.4221.10.2015
NewInterpolate function can now be used without selection3.4221.10.2015
NewIf a 1x1 map is created, the map properties dialog is displayed3.4221.10.2015
NewMap properties: Enter axis address by clicking (click into the entry field, then click into the hexdump in the background)3.4221.10.2015
NewMap properties: Window size is automatically optimized in the background3.4221.10.2015
NewMap properties: Rows/columns fields arent disabled by type anymore, but the type is now auto-adjusted, if necessary3.4221.10.2015
FixedEdit > Edit by change didnt work properly for view mode 2d or 1d-map3.4221.10.2015
FixedWhen using user defined window titles, the * in the title wasnt inserted3.4221.10.2015
FixedChecksum was immediately corrected when clicking OK in the checksum dialog3.4221.10.2015
FixedDoubleclicking a pot. map didnt update the difference list3.4221.10.2015
FixedError when processing the command-line to import a file3.4221.10.2015
FixedHotkeys sometimes didnt work3.4221.10.2015
FixedSeveral detail problems when interpolating3.4221.10.2015
FixedRight side show Ascii characters to high values which looked valid, but were in fact invalid3.4221.10.2015
FixedRare problem during reseller sync (upload) which could stop the sync completely3.4221.10.2015
FixedSearch in project versions was case-sensitive3.4221.10.2015
NewDifference list improved, when empty3.4124.09.2015
NewNew function: Copy as text (Right-click text in hexdump)3.4124.09.2015
NewSelect reference version: New option to sort by number of changes3.4124.09.2015
NewNow faster: Open project3.4124.09.2015
NewNow faster: MotorolaHex import3.4124.09.2015
NewNew function: Interpolate values (edit menu)3.4128.09.2015
FixedWhen exporting the original the PatchTag block was inserted, if the question One or more checksums.. was disabled3.4124.09.2015
FixedChecksum correction on export didnt work on some complex checksums like OLS262 (but dispayed a warning)3.4124.09.2015
FixedHardware > Bsl > Info didnt work properly3.4124.09.2015
FixedProject list: Column width could be set to 03.4124.09.2015
FixedScripts could run an endless loop3.4124.09.2015
NewHighlighting search results in hexdump3.4026.08.2015
FixedSeveral smaller issues with the status bar3.4026.08.2015
FixedCrash when importing password-protected rar files3.4026.08.2015
FixedCrash when exporting as e-mail under Windows 103.4026.08.2015
FixedPossible slowdown under Windows 103.4026.08.2015
FixedWrong search results when searching hex number in a decimal view3.4026.08.2015
FixedCreating scripts: Userdefined axes often werent created3.4026.08.2015
FixedOpen project: SplitterBar couldnt be dragged3.4026.08.2015

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