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File Version Date Access
WinOLS demo version 3.46 27.11.2015 free
Manual WinOLS 3.03 16.10.2013 free
User manual BDM100 15.0  14.01.2013 free
Manual BDM100 for trucks 1.7 18.01.2011 registered customers only
New: Short User Manual BSL100/BSL-ADP (english) ) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.3 13.03.2015 free
Manual OLS300   16.12.2002 free
Instructions for resellers function   18.11.2011 free

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Errors / Changed Items:
* Changed Items Version Date
NewNote: Some of the new feature in this release require the new import wizard. Enable it at: F12 > Debug3.5824.05.2016
NewImportWizard: Now more than 2 files are supported. Also from Outlook. Also from zip files3.5824.05.2016
NewImportWizard: Complete e-mail can be dragged from Outlook into WinOLS 3.5824.05.2016
NewImportWizard: New icons for file selection: Fav1, Fav2, Fav3, Desktop, Download, Back, Up 3.5824.05.2016
NewDialog map properties now also for unopened maps 3.5824.05.2016
NewKey K for 1x1 map: If there are map properties still in the clipboard, these are applied instead of opening the properties 3.5824.05.2016
NewImproved: Swap detection3.5824.05.2016
NewFaster: Differences list3.5824.05.2016
NewFaster: Version selection: Deleting multiple versions in one go3.5824.05.2016
FixedRemoveColumn: Show selection could be wrong, depending on the selection mode3.5824.05.2016
FixedRemoveColumn: Incorrect moving when factor/offset was used3.5824.05.2016
FixedRemoveColumn: Incorrect moving for negative values3.5824.05.2016
FixedImportWizard: For similar size and very different content the display of the number of differences didnt work3.5824.05.2016
FixedImportWizard: Files starting with 0 0 0 0 couldnt bei imported3.5824.05.2016
FixedImportWizard: HiLo-detection didnt work properly, depending on the file order3.5824.05.2016
FixedImportWizard: FinishImmediately didnt work properly on the page file selection3.5824.05.2016
FixedImportWizard: Didnt remember the directory3.5824.05.2016
FixedImportWizard: Import hex with elements an use FinishImmediately => Elements were missing3.5824.05.2016
FixedFont problems on Russian systems3.5824.05.2016
Fixed%-Button in map properties didnt work3.5824.05.2016
FixedDrag file and turn off swapping => Was suggested nevertheless on export3.5824.05.2016
FixedIn text map the background could show a wrong map registration3.5824.05.2016
FixedMap list: Wrong mini pictures for 2d-invers with LineSkipBytes3.5824.05.2016
FixedCopy in 2d was done as text when the cursor was in textmode in the the text column3.5824.05.2016
FixedCoping in 8Bit map and pasting into 16Bit map didnt work properly. HiLo to LoHi neither.3.5824.05.2016
FixedLua: Map list wasnt updated after creating a map3.5824.05.2016
FixedOpenProject: When the sorting was changed while nothing was selected the scroll position was changed3.5824.05.2016
FixedAcceptChanges didnt work properly with maps with LineSkipBytes3.5824.05.2016
NewNew function: Remove row/column (Menu: Edit)3.5720.04.2016
NewComment now also for multiple selections3.5720.04.2016
NewImportWizard: You can now enter path/filename into an edit box3.5720.04.2016
FixedDenso-Vertikal-map: Copy operations didnt work properly3.5720.04.2016
FixedCrash after closing WinOLS after problems with BSL operations3.5720.04.2016
FixedError at 2d map background color3.5720.04.2016
FixedError message on some selections in map list when preview is enabled3.5720.04.2016
FixedInterpolate didnt work any more3.5720.04.2016
FixedSeveral details problems with translations3.5720.04.2016
FixedSeveral details problems with edit slider3.5720.04.2016
FixedImportWizard: Several details problems with checksums3.5720.04.2016
FixedHotkey f didnt jump to the next map in some special cases3.5605.04.2016
FixedError when copying at the beginning of Bosch maps3.5605.04.2016
NewUpdated polish translation3.5504.04.2016
FixedEditSlider ignored LineSkipBytes3.5504.04.2016
FixedSetting the default bit witdh for new maps didnt work properly3.5504.04.2016
FixedImportSimilar: Project list wasnt updated on some system after opening a project3.5504.04.2016
FixedImportWiz displayed error message on newcomer version3.5504.04.2016
FixedMirror map: Selections in axis didnt work properly3.5504.04.2016
FixedComments ignored background color in map windows3.5504.04.2016
FixedAfter import the toolbar icons were sometimes incorrect3.5504.04.2016
FixedUpdating the project list was slow3.5504.04.2016
NewNew Importer: Project properties: Display search results in wizard3.5422.03.2016
NewNew Importer: Unzip: Show file size3.5422.03.2016
NewUpdated BSL100 driver3.5422.03.2016
NewDuring selections show sum/average in the status bar3.5422.03.2016
NewDialog Axis profiles: order can be changed3.5422.03.2016
NewUpdated polish translation3.5422.03.2016
FixedDoubleclick on map in list to close => Still was bold3.5422.03.2016
FixedWhen doing an EcuX import with all version, the default view properties werent set3.5422.03.2016
FixedNew Importer: SwapSettings werent stored3.5422.03.2016
FixedProblems with the registration on some systems3.5313.03.2016
NewMap list: New function set to 0 (Context menu map list)3.5208.03.2016
NewMap list: WinOLS can now handle >100.000 maps per project3.5208.03.2016
NewVersion properties: Name field is now the default 3.5208.03.2016
NewUpdated: Polish translation 3.5208.03.2016
NewHotkey to make the cursor position the leftmost column (Menu: View) 3.5208.03.2016
NewMax. precision digits for factor/offset are now handles for up to 12 digits 3.5208.03.2016
NewSpinButton direction can be configured 3.5208.03.2016
NewSimilar projects: Minimum similarity can be configured (During import upper right corner) 3.5208.03.2016
FixedReduced flickering in map sidebar when changing map properties 3.5208.03.2016
FixedElements in translated WinOLS versions were also translated 3.5208.03.2016
FixedImportWiz: When canceling a version import, you could loose the project properties 3.5208.03.2016
FixedCrash in real time search 3.5208.03.2016
FixedEditAbsolute couldnt handle 32-Bit DWORD correctly3.5208.03.2016
FixedDidnt work with Windows XP any more3.5129.02.2016
NewNew: Import-Wizard (Beta, activate at F12 > Debug)3.5026.02.2016
NewNew: Import of IDA Pro map files (Project > Ex- and Import)3.5026.02.2016
NewNew: WinOLS can now integrated external file converts (Help file > External converters)3.5026.02.2016
NewUpdated: Polish translation3.5026.02.2016
NewImproved: RAM use3.5026.02.2016
NewImproved: Support of very high resolution displays3.5026.02.2016
NewImproved: Map recognition for Audi, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Visteon3.5026.02.2016
NewImproved: Auto-detection of project properties3.5026.02.2016
NewImproved: Auto-detection of swapping3.5026.02.2016
NewChecksum calculation: Confirmation during export isnt optional any more3.5026.02.2016
NewEdit as text: new column text length and now sortible3.5026.02.2016
NewImport maps (from an ols file) now also supports offset, etc. (like kp-import)3.5026.02.2016
NewCSV Export/Merge also for English column names3.5026.02.2016
NewBei VIN-Import aus ini/txt-Datei wird versucht den Hersteller zu ermitteln3.5026.02.2016
FixedReduce columns was slow3.5026.02.2016
FixedCSV-Export in English version skipped the type column3.5026.02.2016
FixedDrag+Drop of an openend pot. map into the normal maps didnt work3.5026.02.2016
FixedMistake on copy/paste of binary values as text3.5026.02.2016
FixedConnect by drag+drop in the map list didnt work any more3.5026.02.2016
FixedStatusbar could be deactivated if there where problems with a manual full byte checksum3.5026.02.2016
FixedSubfolders were sorted backwards3.5026.02.2016
FixedUpload of the configuration often didnt work3.5026.02.2016
FixedIf you had folders with subfolders and create a new folder, old folders could become invisible3.5026.02.2016
FixedImportChanges didnt mark the project as modified3.5026.02.2016
NewImproved: Code-singing3.4926.01.2016
NewFaster: Project properties3.4926.01.2016

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