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File Version Date Access
WinOLS demo version 3.33 21.4.2015 free
Manual WinOLS 3.03 16.10.2013 free
User manual BDM100 15.0  14.01.2013 free
Manual BDM100 for trucks 1.7 18.01.2011 registered customers only
New: Short User Manual BSL100/BSL-ADP (english) ) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.3 13.03.2015 free
Manual OLS300   16.12.2002 free
Instructions for resellers function   18.11.2011 free

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Errors / Changed Items:
* Changed Items Version Date
NewConnect bar: RefVer menu: Now displays * (for changed) and (this project)3.3617.06.2015
New3d: Right-click on axis now displays axis context menu3.3617.06.2015
NewRight-click on axis: Shows properties3.3617.06.2015
NewRight-click on axis: New menu item: Swap only axis (and not the map itself)3.3617.06.2015
NewRight-click on map/axis: Swap menu item moved to axis context menu3.3617.06.2015
NewSearch for map in search dialog: Now behaves like map list (space and minus operator)3.3617.06.2015
NewMain window is minimized during Batronix operations3.3617.06.2015
NewExport export can restore header comments3.3609.06.2015
NewPreselect hex as export mode if it was used for import3.3609.06.2015
NewProject list: Show linked files and project comment3.3609.06.2015
NewMap window position and size are remembered and restored3.3609.06.2015
NewWinOLS can now be configured as NT-Service (Details in the help file; requires LUA)3.3629.05.2015
FixedMotorola-Import stored the entire file as comment (and thus couldnt export it correct with like import)3.3617.06.2015
FixedProblem with Bosch IV axis misdetection3.3617.06.2015
FixedScript-Create: Map contents sometimes werent processed3.3617.06.2015
FixedWrong offset during hex-export3.3601.06.2015
FixedStatus bar ignored precision for value/delta/percent change3.3629.05.2015
FixedPossible Crash in the open-project-dialog3.3526.05.2015
FixedChange absolute on selections without changing the current values caused 0 for negative values3.3526.05.2015
Important!Changes ols file format3.3426.05.2015
Important!Changed cache.dir file format. Project list will be re-created once.3.3426.05.2015
NewBSL: Support for TC1782/843.3426.05.2015
NewUp-/download configuration (F12 > Internet)3.3419.05.2015
NewHelp file reworked (config pages)3.3419.05.2015
NewRecognizing project properties now prefers data areas3.3413.05.2015
NewConnectBar: Section spacer is reduced when theres little space on the screen3.3407.05.2015
NewImproved: Delphi map recognition 3.3407.05.2015
NewProject properties > Comments: Now with file preview 3.3407.05.2015
NewImport-Similar-Project: Table can be sorted by columns 3.3407.05.2015
NewSupport for more map languages integrated 3.3407.05.2015
NewNew placeholders %File.CreatedBy% and %File.ChangedBy%3.3404.05.2015
NewPreview for linked PDFs3.3430.04.2015
NewVersion properties: Preview for linked files3.3430.04.2015
NewBSL: Programming now supports skipping OTP3.3428.04.2015
NewSelect version: Linked files are now shown3.3428.04.2015
NewMass export: New option Swap data according to the eprom settings3.3428.04.2015
NewNew data mode in maps: 1 bit3.3427.04.2015
NewExport filename: New option: Underscore instead of dot3.3427.04.2015
NewConnect: Next/Prev difference in ONE OF THE TWO windows3.3423.04.2015
New7-Zip files are now supported3.3423.04.2015
NewBase for A2L import with text axis3.3422.04.2015
FixedDisplay/Remove update-dockpane cause display bug, if connect bar was visible3.3419.05.2015
FixedExport hex like import didnt always work3.3413.05.2015
FixedMap list: Column sizes could change slightly3.3413.05.2015
FixedDue to rounding errors, setting values was sometime not accurate3.3413.05.2015
FixedCrash on some special maps3.3430.04.2015
FixedInplace-Edit in map list sometimes didnt work3.3427.04.2015
FixedProblem with CMD Import Plug-In3.3421.04.2015
NewRecognize project infos from file: Also Build3.3321.04.2015
NewParse Dimsport text files (like ini/ifo)3.3321.04.2015
NewRecognizes now when an archive file contains an ini file and a data file3.3321.04.2015
NewRecognition of project properties improved3.3321.04.2015
NewBSL drivers updated3.3313.04.2015
NewAutomatically searched linked files (F12 > paths)3.3313.04.2015
NewError infos for resellers improved3.3313.04.2015
NewMax. map size now 40963.3313.04.2015
NewBSL dialogs can copy website infos offline3.3330.03.2015
NewCopy map (advanced) now also in context menus3.3330.03.2015
NewElement-menu (in toolbar) now hides code elements3.3330.03.2015
NewInstead of files, you can now also link URLs (in projects / versions)3.3330.03.2015
NewMore options for texts during import similar projects3.3326.03.2015
New400+ error messages worked over3.3324.03.2015
NewLUA integration improved3.3324.03.2015
FixedEdit as text cut off too early3.3321.04.2015
FixedProject type could change spontainously3.3321.04.2015
FixedShift-click on window title to connect didnt work any more3.3321.04.2015
FixedConnecting by Shift+click on window title didnt work any more3.3314.04.2015
FixedDetail problem with the View toolbar3.3326.03.2015
FixedLUA interface problem for projectFindSimilarProjects3.3325.03.2015
FixedPrjOpen: Width of special are on the right wasnt saved3.3323.03.2015
FixedPrjOpen: Slow when many projects in reseller folder3.3319.03.2015
FixedConnectBar: Hotkey +/- didnt work any more3.3317.03.2015
NewFile format updated, older WinOLS version will not be able to read these3.3217.03.2015
NewConnect: Also bring map windows into the foreground, when fitting3.3217.03.2015
New%Engine.Output..%: Empty instead 0.0; 100PS instead 100.03.3217.03.2015
NewDouble click for map properties can now be turned off (Configuration > Edit)3.3217.03.2015
NewImprovements for selections3.3217.03.2015
FixedImport similar projects: Init slow, when many projects3.3217.03.2015
FixedImport similar projects: Error on some systems3.3217.03.2015
FixedProject type could be changed by user patch tag3.3217.03.2015
Fixed3d-Drag-Edit worked only for Delta>=13.3217.03.2015
FixedCrash when closing WinOLS3.3217.03.2015
FixedCrash when using an invalid import offset3.3217.03.2015
FixedReconfiguring the current clients path didnt have an immediate effect3.3217.03.2015
FixedAxis data sometime wasnt show, just no value3.3217.03.2015
NewAttention: Because of internal changes the update requires you to re-register WinOLS3.3127.02.2015
NewCopy map advanced: Now also for data source3.3127.02.2015
NewConnect: Buttons for next / previous search result3.3127.02.2015
NewMultiple axis values can now be edited at once3.3127.02.2015
NewBSL: Password export option3.3127.02.2015
NewBSL: ADP now supported3.3127.02.2015
NewPrjProperties: Search results can now always be displayed3.3127.02.2015
FixedCrash on exit3.3127.02.2015
FixedCrash when adding a linked file3.3127.02.2015

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