Particolari Checksum OLS523 - Cliente : non registrati

UtilizzazioneCummins ecfg Importer
CommentoImport maps. Requires ecfg file + address mapping file 
Accesso Solo clienti on-line
Punti checksum4
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Dettaglio versione
Data Versione*Revisione
15.10.20191.021NuevoDrag+Drop of text file into last wizard page searches for all lines of the file
15.10.20191.021NuevoSearch-line accepts OR conditions: AB,XY
27.09.20191.020NuevoMotorola-Endian Support and now 2 Offsets possible
13.08.20181.019CorrettoStart address for 1d maps sometimes slightly wrong
09.08.20181.018CorrettoSometimes too many maps were imported
09.08.20181.018CorrettoY-Axis could sometimes be wrong
30.05.20181.017NuevoImproved import
19.03.20181.016NuevoImproved automatic id detection
06.11.20171.015NuevoFolders in ecfg-files are now supported
24.10.20171.014CorrettoFiles with uppercase suffix couldnt be imported
09.08.20171.013CorrettoFile dialog didnt support .e2m
28.07.20171.012CorrettoInvalid maps were not ignored but inserted at the beginning of the project
26.07.20171.011NuevoE2M: Precision is imported
26.07.20171.011CorrettoGroups were additionally imported as maps
26.07.20171.010CorrettoE2M: Some maps were ignored during import
26.07.20171.010NuevoE2M: Folders are imported
24.07.20171.009CorrettoAxis unit wasnt imported for e2m files.
24.07.20171.008CorrettoAxis factor wasnt imported for e2m files.
10.07.20171.007NuevoOffset can be entered
12.06.20171.006NuevoSupport for .e2m files Beta
12.06.20171.005CorrettoRegistration problems on some systems
29.05.20171.004CorrettoError message on import problems improved
24.04.20171.003NuevoSupport for Block-elements
24.04.20171.003CorrettoInvalid Tables werent skipped
24.04.20171.002NuevoSupport für table and string blocks
20.04.20171.001NuevoNow supports elements
20.04.20171.001NuevoTxt files are not required any more
21.03.20171.000NuevoNow officially 1.000
20.03.20170.904CorrettoHeader-bytes were not skipped for axes
20.03.20170.904Corretto1d-maps were not supported
17.03.20170.903CorrettoFloating-Point didnt work for single values
16.03.20170.902CorrettoFloating-Point wasnt recognized, Precision is now more useful
15.03.20170.901CorrettoSingle values were skipped
13.03.20170.900NuevoFirst test version
06.03.20170NuevoNot yet ready