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Checksum details for OLS289

NotesCM850 is not yet complete 
Access Requires WinOLS
Checksum points2
More information -

Version details
All data for WinOLS5. Checksums for WinOLS4 will no longer be updated after 31.12.2022.
Date Version*Change
29.09.20232.76NewNew Motorola CM850.
21.09.20232.75NewNew Adem 4 size.
19.09.20232.74NewNew Adem4 size.
07.07.20232.73NewNew file size Adem6.
30.06.20232.72NewNew size Adem4/5.
30.05.20232.71NewCM850 improved identification
05.05.20232.70NewRevision for xcal imports.
21.03.20232.69NewNew Adem3 size.
07.02.20232.68NewNew Adem3 size.
24.10.20222.67FixedAddresses adjusted.
07.10.20222.66NewADEM4/5 back to old balance address
07.10.20222.65FixedRecursion fixed
04.10.20222.64NewNew file size C0000 for ADEM3
21.06.20222.63NewNew file size for ADEM4/5.
08.06.20222.62NewNew file for Cumins 850.
31.05.20222.61NewNew CM850 File.
21.04.20222.60NewNew file size ADEM3.
28.03.20222.59NewNew file size for ADEM4/5/6
02.03.20222.58FixedBug fix in programcode which causes wrong idetifications.
01.03.20222.57NewNew SW data for ADEM6.
02.02.20222.56NewNew file size for ADEM6 0x800000
23.12.20212.55NewNew file.
22.12.20212.54NewNew File
19.04.20212.53FixedAt ADEM4/5 a possible processor element was not taken into account
05.01.20212.52NewNew filesize ADEM4/5
05.01.20212.51NewFurther identification for ADEM4/5.
14.10.20192.50NewImproved search on ADEM4/ADEM5
02.11.20182.49FixedPossible crash at defect file fixed
08.08.20182.48NewTest: ADEM3 from FLS file
11.07.20182.47NewNew CM850 file
26.03.20182.46NewTest ADEM5
17.10.20172.45NewCM876 recognition improved
18.05.20172.44FixedAt some EEM2 files one CS was not found
13.03.20172.43NewNew file
21.09.20162.42NewNow also FGTech file at CM850
21.07.20162.41NewCM850 Processor-only files with length of 71000h
18.05.20162.40NewNew CM876 file
30.03.20162.39NewNew SISU file
17.08.20152.38NewNew Steyr file
12.06.20152.37NewCaterpillar ADEM4: New file