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DNA-OctaneMotorsports previously DNA Tuning is always innovatingComing from our large involvement in the cutting edge of MotorsportWhere new ideas of not only power but also economy and endurance are bornAlso in development always are options removing systemsLike EGR, DPF, Vmax/speed limiters, pops and bangs, AdBlue removal, decat, start/stop disable, immo delete, Runner flap delete, Sports Display Calibration, Torque monitoring removal, Stage 2, Stage 3 and Stage 4 tuning on request. and other new ideasIf you do not see any options like this on request we can solve and add to a project. A lot of our work is development and includes data read from non standard ECUs so you can see where we have fixed, going against the grain! All online are at the standard credit level, if its been done already its done, some projects contain many versions and descriptions some are funny but work its how development actually goes over 20 years but 50,000+ files I am not going through them all and taking out commentsIf you download a project and need changes then please email us

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